Personal Solution

Using the Personal Solution you can:

  • Open a new assessment or
  • Open an existing Assessment
  • Select among the processes
  • Enter your ratings
  • Read the definitions and explanations
  • Evaluate your assessment ratings
  • Have a look at the charts and evaluations
  • Print the charts
  • Copy pictures (charts) to clipboard or save to disk to create your own assessment report
  • Copy data to clipboard or save to disk in SPiCE format to create your own charts, e.g. with Excel
  • Export function to send all data (including definitions, explanations etc.) to textfile or html format.


SPiCE-Lite poses 37 questions regarding your software production. More than 300 definitions and explanations cover software quality management and software engineering. The active and passive help system guides you through the questionnaire. You can make notes which will help you interpreting your results.


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