Is SPiCE-Lite SPICE (ISO 15504) compatible?

Yes, "compatible and compliant", as it is formulated. Nevertheless, SPiCE-Lite focuses much more on Capability Levels 1 to 3 and only touches Level 4 und 5 with minor volume than the reference  model in ISO 15504, Part 5 does. Therefore SPiCE-Lite is much easier to use than SPICE. But if you have to dispute with the genuine text from SPICE, then we recommend o use the assessment tool SPICE 1-2-1.

What about SPiCE-Lite and CMM?

Now there is a newer verision of CMM (Capability Maturity Model) available, it is called: CMMI (CMM Integrated). This CMMI is a direct successor of the well known CMM version 1.1 and it arrived instead of CMM 2.0. The good message is: CMMI claims to be SPICE (ISO 15504) "compatible and compliant". So now, in theory, a SPiCE-Lite assessment (calculated according to SPICE results) would be comparable to a CMMI assessments. but in practice, the assignment to the CMMI Process Areas is not that easy, because there sometimes is a different picture of the world behind. More info can be found at CMMI-Institute, but maybe you are more happy if you can check it out from the viewpoint of the assessment tool. Visit CMM-Quest.com.

Should I as a project manager perform an assessment alone?

No! Never! The big value of performing an assessment consists not only of a simple judgment of your current situation - it is much more: the confrontation of different opinions and viewpoints in your organization! For example, take your project manager, a software engineer and a tester and do the assessment together! You will be astonished how you could live up to today with that different opinions in your organization.

What does SPiCE-Lite "bring"?

If you are satisfied a 100% with the current situation, then you don't need a SPiCE-Lite Assessment.

But: "If you stop becoming better, you just stopped to be good."

And SPiCE-Lite helps you and your colleagues to identify your potential as well as the dangerous potholes on your way to success. SPiCE-Lite is used in many organizations to create the right atmosphere of motivation and information to enable changes into the right direction.
Because "Motivation without Information is Illusion"


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