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New: Quest Tool Version 3.3.17

2020-08-25 16:17

The Quest Tool Version 3.3.17 is available for all Quest Tools released on August. 25th, 2020!


All our available assessment tools have been updated!

Version 3.3.17 is 100% backward compatible to our previous releases, version 3.2.x and also to 3.0.3 (without Advanced Practices).

Version 3.3.x

New: Colorful boilerplates

Boilerplates now remember their formatting like font color, background color, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough etc.
There is also an option to export the whole list as readable text to the clipboard or import it from the clipboard. Just paste the text into Word or any other RTF interpreter for fast and easy editing outside of the tool and for sharing between colleagues!



New: Easy-Fill-In

Notes to GPs are sometimes reusable for different processes, but manouevering between processes and copy pasting text is sometimes just as slow as completely rewriting the paragraph. But don't worry, it is now possible to copy text from different processes without actually changing the active process. We added a new drop down menu to the right of the usual text editing options. Just click on an entry in the drop down menu and the text will be pasted into your active textfield.



New: Color shortcuts

There are now new shortcuts for coloring strenghts|weaknesses|improvements|notes (Shift+Alt+ S | W | I | N )
The menu for selecting a custom color has also improved, it looks the same but is now a lot more precise and responsive.



New: More information for the completeness check

The red, yellow and green pencils are very useful to keep track of your progress during the fill in and now they yield even more information! When the mouse hovers over the icon, the tool tip will contain information like the progress in percent or the next missing rating or notes field. This is useful, when you don't want spent minutes scrolling through the process, trying to spot the very last empty field.




For a complete list of all changes please read the changelog.

For further information please visit the corresponding product website.

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