files/content/all/images/PDFLogo.jpg Enabling Software Process Improvement - Concepts & Experiences
PDF, by Ch. Steinmann & H. Stienen, SPI 96, Brighton, 19 pages
Englisch, 4.5 MB, download SP96A1.pdf
files/content/all/images/PDFLogo.jpg Durchführung von Self-Assessments in der Software Entwicklung
PDF, von Ch. Steinmann 1999, Graz, 18 pages
German, 1.0 MB, download SPiCE-Lite_Intro.pdf
files/content/all/images/PDFLogo.jpg Supplier Capability Assessments
PDF, from DI Christian Steinmann 2001, Graz, 23 pages
German, 4.7 MB, download Supplier Capability Assessment.pdf
files/content/all/images/PDFLogo.jpg The Quest Tool Suite - Assessment Methodology as Strategy Driver
PDF, von Ch. Steinmann 2000, Graz, 23 pages
Englisch, 1.6 MB, download The Quest Tool-Suite.pdf


Further publications will be added soon ...


Interesting articles about process improvement and special "Case Studies" can be found at The SPIRE Project (Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe)


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